Telecommunications Attorneys

Relevant Cases

Mediacom v. City of Iowa City, et. al.
Obtained summary judgment in Federal District Court for the Southern District of Iowa for our client the City of Iowa City.  The plaintiff alleged that Iowa City violated the Federal Telecommunications Act by allowing a competitor to construct a multi-use infrastructure for phone, internet and cable television services in the City without requiring the competitor to obtain a cable franchise under state and local law.  The competitor, however, was not providing cable television services, just phone and internet.  The court found it undisputed that the competitor was only providing “telecommunications services” and that “telecommunications services” are not subject to local franchising authorities, noting that although the competitor may become capable of delivering cable programming in the future, it was not now delivering said programming and therefore not presently required to seek a cable franchise.

Sprint Communications Company v. Iowa Utilities Board
Polk County District Court
Defended telecommunications company in a successful challenge to an administrative order denying numbering resources for internet service provider telephone numbers.

* Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of litigation in which we practice and do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of result in any other case as all cases are dependent upon their own unique fact situation and applicable law.