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I’m an engineer, businessman and attorney.  You could say I’m ferociously curious about a lot of things. As co-chair of the Intellectual Property (“IP”) practice group I use this natural curiosity, along with my education and experience, to help my clients solve complex problems, exploit business opportunities and minimize risk. As an engineer I’m able to understand your most-sophisticated technological advancements and the competitive landscape your business operates in. As a businessman I’m able to understand how your business operates and how the actions you take (or don’t take) impact your bottom line. And, as an attorney, I’m able to understand the risks, challenges and opportunities that your business faces every day. With this unique perspective, I can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to take your business from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

My Approach

I believe in relationships. It’s been my experience that the strongest relationships lead to the best representation. Plus, it’s more fun to work that way. While my core-competency is in intellectual property, I tend become a trusted advisor to my clients and become their go-to person for all legal and business-related matters.  I see it as my job to not only provide the deliverables you need today, but to look into the future and anticipate your needs for tomorrow.  The best way to do this is by both of us investing in a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship.  I’ve had the pleasure of standing next to my clients on their best days, and have been humbled by my client’s trust in me on their worst.  It’s in these times of extreme that we’re both thankful for the relationship we’ve built together. 

More about me

I’ve been on your side of the table.  Prior to joining Brown Winick I served as General Counsel of QMotion Incorporated, a growing international technology company.  As General Counsel I helped guide the company through growth and all the challenges that come with it.  I developed and managed a portfolio of hundreds of U.S. and foreign patents and trademarks and managed a network of domestic and international licensing agreements.  As General Counsel, I also helped lead the successful acquisition of the business by a publicly traded international conglomerate.  I know what’s it’s like to run a business.  I know what it’s like to receive legal services.  And, I know what it’s like to pay legal bills.  These are experiences that have forever shaped how I serve my clients.

I’m originally from Long Island, New York.  I’m on my second tour of duty here in Iowa.  I came to Iowa the first time to attend Iowa State University (“ISU”) where I graduated with an B.S. in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (“IMSE”).  I worked as engineer in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industry at Seagate Technology where I designed manufacturing systems for hard drives.  While at Seagate, I attended the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management where I received an M.B.A., with studies focused on strategy, finance, entrepreneurship and management.  I returned for my second tour of duty in Iowa when I received an Opperman full-tuition scholarship to attend Drake University Law School, where I graduated with honors.  Now, my roots literally run-deep in Iowa as my wife and I are involved in my wife’s family farming operation in North-Central Iowa.

In addition to all of that, I’m a board member/advisor for a number of for-profit companies, as well as being a board member for a number of non-profit organizations. 

My specialties

  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Business and Corporate
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • AgTech
  • StartUp

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Representative Cases

  • D875,204 - Glow in the dark jig fishing lure with a slot that receives a glow in the dark cartridge
  • 10,550,637 - Obstruction detection system for motorized window shades and method of use
  • 10,534,017 - Quick change small footprint testing system and method of use 
  • D871,880 - Shelf pin hole jig
  • 10,552,024 - Safety device, system and method of use
  • 10,463,132 - Makeup case
  • 10,421,526 - Yacht preserver
  • D859,973 - Thread repair insert with teeth
  • 10,407,935 - Double end stud bolt and method of use
  • 10,405,684 - Motorized drapery apparatus, system and method of use
  • 10,400,476 - Cross connecting locking apparatus
  • 10,375,876 - Variable rate air seeding system for soybeans
  • 10,362,721 - Tillage device for agricultural machinery or implements to reduce compaction caused by wheels in a field
  • 10,357,087 - Umbrella system
  • 10,337,551 - Thread repair insert and method of use
  • 10,328,498 - Infinity joint jig, plug, and method of use
  • D849,880 - Glow in the dark spoon fishing lure with a slot that receives a glow in the dark cartridge
  • 10,302,177 - Friction driven beltless grain spreader
  • 10,285,527 - Motorized drapery apparatus with batteries positioned in the brackets
  • 10,246,878 - Material handling system and method of use
  • 10,246,938 - High efficiency roller shade and method for setting artificial stops
  • 10,246,911 - Recreational or utility vehicle door opening system
  • D843,831 - Medium container
  • D843,191 - Guide of a circular saw and track
  • 10,231,568 - Portable coffee brewing device
  • D842,015 - Mobile and collapsible workbench
  • 10,220,411 - Wood treatment method
  • 10,219,647 - Portable coffee brewing device
  • D840,803 - Small container
  • 10,183,338 - Cam lock fence system and method of use


Kendra Haug - 515-242-2451

Cecilia Smith - 515-558-0893


Iowa State University of Science and Technology

B.S., Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, 2001


University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management

M.B.A., 2006


Drake University

J.D., with honors, 2007 Dwight D. Opperman Scholar


Iowa, 2007; Florida, 2008; U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 2008

Memberships & Associations

  • Polk County Bar Association
  • Iowa State Bar Association
    Member; Intellectual Property Law Section
  • Florida Bar Association