02-06-2019 | Energy & Natural Resource

HF 193 Has Been Introduced in the Iowa Legislature

By: BrownWinick

HF 193 has been introduced in the Iowa Legislature. It prohibits any “wind generation facility” or “wind energy conversion property” from being located within 2500 feet of any residence.  It is an important and far reaching bill despite its brevity.   The bill incorporates the definitions of these terms found in Iowa Code sections 476C.1 and 427B.26.  These are very broad definitions that can be seen as not limited to the wind turbines themselves but to the entire wind farm.  Specifically, 427B.26 defines “wind energy conversion property” to mean “the entire wind plant including, but not limited to, a wind charger, windmill, wind turbine, tower and electrical equipment, pad mount transformers, power lines and substation.  There are serious concerns with the bill – we don’t see how any significant wind development can occur in Iowa given the restriction.  Anyone in favor of wind development should oppose the bill.