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Iowa Court of Appeals Decision Serves as Cautionary Tale for Construction Contractors

By: James White | 10-08-2021

Blogs Construction Construction Projects & Contracts Litigation

The Iowa Court of Appeals issued a decision this week that sent a strong message to construction contractors – ignore your contracts at your own risk.  Specifically, the Court stated, “Contracts mean what they say. Here, a party that failed to follow what a contract said in terms of the procedure to change the Read…

BrownWinick Obtains Summary Judgment for Golf Course Client

By: BrownWinick | 10-01-2021

Legal News Litigation

BrownWinick attorneys Ben Merrill and James White recently obtained summary judgment on behalf of their clients WBC Golf Course, LLC (“WBC”) and Mr. Curtis Wahlert, the golf course’s general manager. The case involved allegations that WBC and Mr. Wahlert were not operating the course in a manner consistent with “normal golf course operations,” in violation Read…

BrownWinick Obtains Summary Judgment on Statute of Limitations in Case Alleging over $1 Million in Damages

By: BrownWinick | 09-27-2021

Legal News Litigation

BrownWinick attorney James White recently obtained summary judgment for several clients in a case where the plaintiffs alleged over $1 million in damages.  The case arose out of a 2018 flood of a hotel. The plaintiff, a cleaning and restoration company, performed work at the hotel following the flood. After it was determined that the Read…